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As some of you know I make official/ unofficial music and videos for DCS and a few other games. I believe I have been able to achieve many of my aesthetically pleasing shots due to the understanding I have of being a real world photographer. On that note id like to share a few of my photos with you guys! All the photos are locations in Ireland where I am living atm. I am currently pursuing this as a career and so id love to know what you think of my work :)































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:thumbup: Very Nice

Thanks for sharing

DCS Wish: Turbulences affecting surrounding aircraft...


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I use a Canon 550D, alot of it has to do with the lens to be honest ;)


Good photos. Better good lens on old camera than the other way around.


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Wow, these pictures are amazing.

As an astrophotographer I especially like the long exposure of the milky way.

Thanks! I have always wanted to do some really intense astrophotography, I was "this" close to buying a proper mount and telescope but i decided against it. Im sure i will someday :) That photo was a simple 30 second exposure with a wide angle lens. If you look right under my name in the photo you can see the Andromeda galaxy :)

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On my website http://space-view.net/ you can see it, too :)

But the site is still under construction

Those are fantastic, I love the Andromeda one and the Orion Nebula :)


I enjoyed seeing your real pictures very much. I can live without the PhotoShop graphic arts though. Not my bag.

Thanks im glad you enjoy them :) I understand completely and I guess for me i like to sort of paint a picture of what im seeing as for me it makes the photo "last" longer as it turns reality into a sort of fantasy in my eyes.

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