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Lock on Gold

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If i understand this correctly. Lock on gold includes Lock on and Flaming cliffs.


If this is so,


From where in the UK can i purchase a copy of Lock on GOLD?


Unfortunatley i cannot find any distributors.


Lock on is quite cheap, however RC simulations has a humoungous price on Flaming Cliffs GBP £ 29.95.


Compared to Flaming cliff prices and Lock on gold prices in the US where lock on gold goes for the same price in USD as Flaming cliffs alone does in GBP £. That is one hell of a mark up.


So i don't want to touch RC simulations with a barge poll and would be grateful if anyone could advise as to where i may purchase lock on gold at a more reasonable price.


Or would importing be the best option (and still considerably cheaper than purchasing from RC simulations)



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IIRC Lock-on gold is only available in the states.


Have a look at the download version and see if it would suit you. It is only £10 for it. I have the download version myself and have had no problems whatsoever with it.


You will need the original Lock-on with it but as you said its pretty cheap. £5 on Ebay and in Game stores.

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