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Asking the experts: Aircraft equipment


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I wanted to ask this question ever since I visited the Prague National Museum about a year ago and looked at the Aero L-39 that's on exhibition there. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to take a picture of it (would have had to buy a permission...), but on the left nose section of the plane, there was a small "container", sized like a can of beer, maybe smaller, attached to the skin. It was marked with a Danger, Radioactivity sign. Judging from images I found on the web, only some of the aircraft carry this piece.


Do you know what this tool is good for?

The museum attendant couldn't tell me :(



Thanks for your insight!





(Zoom into both images, if needed)

In this image, the container can be seen in front of the opened access door (and under the small open cover). There's something that looks like a "remove before flight"- ribbon on it.





And here you can see it again, in front of the nose wheel, with the label on the brighter paint.


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Hi There,


I had a groundschool and flew a civilian L-39 a couple of years ago. (Only 2 flights, unfortunately).

There are a few items of interest in that area of the nose. The warning placard and flag under the nose should be for the ejection seat contactor box. (Seat interlock). On military versions, the RSBN (Russian radio-nav set) and IFF radios are also in the nose along with their antennae. Which may account for the radioactivity symbol.

There is also an air pressure gauge on the nose for either O2 pressure or brake or pressurization accumulator, I can't remember which. There's also a little red and white post that sticks up on the nose in the pilots line of sight as a alternative way to confirm the nose gear is extended. There are similar posts on the wings for the main gear.

O And by the way, on the right side of the tail there are 4 colour flare launchers for lost or no-comm signalling. Just like the Ka-50!

This is a fantastic airplane! Built very solidly, very forgiving and a joy to fly.


Hope that helps!

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