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Fire Shadow Loitering With Intent Munition


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Viper Strike™

The GBU-44/B Viper Strike is a 44 lb. air-launched guided munition capable of stand-off precision attack. Currently in production, Viper Strike is a low-risk, mature program that provides a turn-key precision weapon solution for fixed wing, helicopter and UAV platforms. Currently in use with US Army, US Special Operations, and US Marine Corps aircraft and UAVs, the Viper Strike weapon glides to the target, using GPS-aided navigation and a semi-active laser seeker to attack land and sea targets with combat-proven pinpoint accuracy. Viper Strike is optimized for attack profiles that require either a steep or shallow final attack angle. This flexibility allows low-collateral damage affects in both mountainous terrain or urban canyons where strict rules of engagement are in force. Its relatively small warhead size and laser accuracy provide for low collateral damage in cluttered urban environments.


Viper Strike's GPS Inertial Navigation System (INS) combined with Semi-Active laser (SAL) guidance provides positive control until impact. It allows the weapon to be launched covertly from safe altitudes and stand-off ranges outside of point defenses yet achieve pinpoint accuracy. GPS/INS navigation provides accurate mid-course guidance to the target area allowing for final SAL guidance.


Viper Strike's dual mode guidance and agility provide a high degree of operational flexibility. The weapon can be released in poor weather yet retain laser precision from man-in-the-loop targeting from a laser designation as the Viper Strike approaches the target. Viper Strike is compatible with any NATO standard laser designator, either from the air, from the sea or from forces on the ground. Viper Strike II is a spiral improvement on the weapon and includes an all-weather, high precision GPS-only targeting option and a datalink to receive in-flight updates to attack mobile targets.


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Laser Guided Zuni™

Laser Guided Zuni™ Rocket is a supersonic forward firing, air launched, low cost, laser guided weapon. It has a 40lb warhead that is lethal against both fixed and moving targets. It is optimized to attack fixed and fleeting targets that require a high speed, precise, low collateral damage weapon and is well suited for today's and future conflicts.


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Diamond Back®

Diamond Back® is a low cost, high performance range expansion wing assembly, compatible with air-launched stores. Diamond Back® features a unique joined tandem wing design that extends the wings from a compact storage position. The deployed wings provide a diamond shaped platform with excellent maneuverability and glide characteristics.


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SABER™ is MBDA Incorporated's low cost weapon for Small and Medium Size Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Small Tactical UAS.


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TiGER™ is a small, man-portable, hand-launched, extended-range weapon designed for a rapid response employment to protect deployed troops.


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TIGER - Paper Aeroplane Bomb.:D



Laser Guided Zuni - Cheap anti-tank weapon for A-10 and others. 10 mile range





SABER - SDB-lite for UAVs.




Diamond B - Range extension kit for current 500-2000lb guided free-fall munitions.

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