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DCS and boxed products


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I'm a complete DCS World noob and I have used Search but I'm confused by the answers.

I have DCS A-10 and DCS Black Shark 1 boxed. Can I install them as stand alones with DCS world on the system? or will DCS world negate them working as stand alone programs ? Can I intall them first as stand alones then the DCS World or vica-versa. Can I DL DCS World buy the P51 and still retain my old titles?

Sorry but I'm easily confused and I don't want to spend the money on P-51 if it means a huge change.



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BS1 has nothing with DCS World to do at all, so no worries at all there.


A-10C boxed version (standalone) can also coexist happily with DCS World. It will not, however, run as a DCS World module and thereby not be the latest version of the product. However, the license key included with your DVD Box is valid for use with the DCS World module which can be downloaded here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?scr=product&ProductId=8&end_pos=136&lang=en


Basically, yes, it'll all work fine, but I would add the caveat that there really is no reason to keep using the A-10C standalone install. Better to use the DCS World module, since that is more up-to-date and you already have a license that is valid for it. Also saves you hard drive space. :)


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Thanks for that


I'll buy the P-51 which I hear is a serious contender (possibly superior) to the A2A P-51 and set up some rhubarbs and possibly some Korea (type) based train hunting missions.

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