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Installing FC3 when FC2 is difficult to install.

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When FC3 is released (not to distant we hope !) quite a few people ,my self included, do not have FC2 installed.I did until I upgraded to Win 7 then the installation problems started - Starforce drivers for Win 7 being the main one so will there be a work around to install FC2 with out going back to

1 Install Lockon

2 Patch lockon

3 Install FC2

Any one know or have any ideas ? There are so many down loadable versions, so which is the best way to install FC2 ?

Many thanks




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You don't need to have FC2 in order to install FC3


All you need is the old "lomac" installed somewhere even if you don't run it

L'important n'est pas de tuer, mais de survivre.





if you read this you are too curious



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