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Targeting Flares


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Yes and yes.


1. You can place a aircraft on the map with the AFAC task, like an A-10. Remove all gun ammo and give him rocket pods. Then either let it find it target himself, where he will then attack the target with smoke rokets until it is dead (not very good as he will run out of smoke rockets pertty soon) or you remove the AFAC task and give him engage group or engage unit instead.

If you play with the attack quantity you should be able to set everything up so that he only fires one rocket per target.


2. You can add smoke on any unit or any trigger zone with the trigger menu. To do so you have to create a trigger like: ONCE -> Time More (10 seconds) -> Smoke on Unit (red).

You can do many things with triggers. Like that the smoke is only popped when a friendly aircraft or the player aircraft is in a zone or every 2 minutes or when another units dies and many other posibilites too.


Hope that helps



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