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Military lingo questions


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Hey guys, i'm working on a mod for new wingmen voices and messages, I'm doing some research on the correct phrases that are used in combat and the ones we get in game.


#1 when a GBU is dropped do they specify that it's a GBU or do they just say BOMBS AWAY?

#2 when HARMS are shot do they say "MAGNUM", "Missile Away" or something like "MAGNUM AWAY"

#3 same as above but RIFLE for Mavericks

#4 same as above but when a smoke rocket is shot

#5 when is "BRUISER" used?

#6 do pilots say RTB or "returning to base"

#7 when exactly is "Tally Bandit" used and is there a better phrase that can be used like "bogeys" or something like that

#8 what exactly does "engaged, defensive" mean and is there a better phrase that can be used?


thank you in advance.



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1. One thing that certainly isn't said is bombs away. The brevity term "Paveway" was used in the past, but these days "Stores" is used for just about any weapon release, excluding A/A & A/G missiles.


2. "Magnum", that is it. The word is a specified brevity call with a defined meaning.


3. "Rifle", as above.


4. Smoke rockets are normally used by AFACs so their use is normally briefed and called as part of the CAS comms flow, there isn't a specific call for it. Sometimes the AFAC will just call "mark(s) away" and/or "mark(s) on the deck".


5. Launch of an Anti-Ship missile


6. Either one, or none. It depends it they wan't to tell anyone they are "RTB", or if there is a pre-briefed call for that mission etc. etc.


7. Tally bandit, never. The term "tally" specifically refers to having a non-friendly aircraft/vehicles/position in sight so saying "bandit" afterwards is redundant. Also "bandit" is a brevity term with a specific meaning as is "bogey" and they mean different things entirely.


8. "Engaged Defensive" means that you are "engaged" (i.e. in a fight) a hostile aircraft and are in a defensive position (i.e. the hostile aircraft is on your tail or otherwise has the advantage).



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