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Looking for info for a UH-1 Pit


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Hi there,


I plan to build a UH-1 simpit after i finish my generic pit and am looking for some measurements. Perhaps some of you can help me out here:


- pedestal dimensions and angles;

- instrument panel angle and width/height of right half+pedestal;

- seat height, angle and position from chin bubble and pedestal;

- anything else that might be of use.


I'm looking to build the pilot side of the cockpit with the pedestal, no overhead planned at this time. I will be using monitors for gauges and a big screen tv or projector for looking at the birds, depending on how it will all work out.


I hope someone here has the measurements i'm looking for.




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if you don´t mind hopping in the car and driving for approximately three hours, you may wanna consider driving over to the "Heeresfliegerwaffenschule" of the German Army. It is located in the little town of Bückeburg, and they have every type of helicopter currently in service with the Army. Since we still use a bunch of UH-1Ds, they have them there as well.


Attached to it is a really nice helicopter museum (www.hubschraubermuseum.de), and last time I have been there they had an UH-1D on exhibit. When I was there most helicopters could be freely climbed into. They have recently rebuilt the museum however, so I´m not sure if you can still get into the choppers. You may wanna check with them in advance via email.


In case they don´t have a UH-1D you can crawl around in, here is the contact data of the officer responsible for PR:


Phone +49 5722 - 968 - 3310

Email HFlgWaS@bundeswehr.org


Send him an email and tell him what you want and why you want it. In my experience they are incredibly open to all kinds of weird requests and may just give you a chopper to take pics and take measurements. I know for a fact that they have done stranger things already. ;)


If all that fails you should try and find out when there is the next open house day of some squadron or an airshow nearby, they pretty much always bring some choppers along to those occasions.

To find out what´s coming up, go to http://www.deutschesheer.de and click on "Hier finden Sie die Termine des Deutschen Heeres" on the very top of the rightmost column. That gives you a pdf with all the upcoming public dates within the next two to three months. Look for anything containing the words Hubschrauber, Transporthubschrauber or Heeresflieger and send them an email or call them. Just spam them to death until they have enough and finally fly a Huey over to you. :D


So yeah, those are my ideas for now. Best of luck!

- Two miles of road lead nowhere, two miles of runway lead everywhere -

Click here for system specs

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