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Su-25T with hook


Su-25T with hook  

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I hope that is not so complicated - it is possible to make this accessory - a working hook on Su-25T for aircraft-carrier landing.








I know it wouldn't be a Su-25 UTG version, but it might be better because this version was intended only for training landing on an aircraft carrier.


What do you think?

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I was doing a search looking for "tailhook" and this post came up, top of the list...


According to the username Moa, in the LockOn > General Discussion forum, there is a post with scripting examples concerning LockOn; I do not know if these scripting examples also apply to DCS or DCS World. I am pretty sure any aircraft can be modded with a hook. His Stallturn Mod and his server are testament to that via the F-14 and F-18 in FC2.


See Message #9 and #16:




I think, though the Su-25T is a DCS World freebie, I think it is basically FC2 (I may be wrong). I know it uses only 4 threads, 2 cores and does not use my SLI in DCS World.



Other links: search for "tailhook" (without the quotation marks) here:




Here is one example:




Backup your folder before experimenting and rename the copy to a different directory in case you mess up.

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Isn't new 3D model with arguments needed to make hook workable (same as making "swing" wings in Su-24?

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I updated my Message #2 here.


Moa did it, the guy that made the EFA mess of aircraft did it and there is an ADA French mod that uses French aircraft carrier jets. There is a small fraternity of simulated virtual naval aviators that enjoy the various navies' jets at sea.


I would say it can probably be done, more likely by a modder, as an add-on embellishment, than by the DCS World staff gurus.

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