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SU-25T to another country?


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Hi all..How i can add SU-25T to another counrty???

Let's say i want to add the russian SU-25T (with all its skins) to Israel...



You can change coalitions at the start of a mission build but the easier way to get a NATO Su-25T is to simply add it as a Georgian Su-25T.

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It can be done. You have to edit the db_countries.lua under \DCS world\scritps\Database





local units = {}



*** Add the line (under the planes section)


cnt_unit( units.Planes.Plane, "Su-25T");



For specific skins you would need to edit the description.lua file for the specific skin that you want under \DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\SU-25T


Add "ISR", in the list of countries.

Speed is life !!!

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You may fail to connect to servers in MP though..

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