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FC3 6DOF and 3 screen cockpit fixes


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Original Idea from Peter P.


I just added it to the other FC3 aircraft. These files enable 6DOF and also increases view limits for 3 screen users so you can view the whole cockpit.


Note: if you are using TrackIR I recommend to edit your controls config for EACH aircraft under Axis Commands and remove the TrackIR_Z axis from zoom view so you can map it to a different axis or use the keyboard.


Replace these 2 files in your Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Config\View folder. You should make backups of your original files but if you don't all you have to do is run the DCS world repair tool and it will reload the originals.



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System Specs


Intel I7-3930K, Asrock EXTREME9, EVGA TITAN, Mushkin Chronos SSD, 16GB G.SKILL Ripjaws Z series 2133, TM Warthog and MFD's, Saitek Proflight Combat pedals, TrackIR 5 + TrackClip PRO, Windows 7 x64, 3-Asus VS2248H-P monitors, Thermaltake Level 10 GT, Obutto cockpit


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Thanks very much. Also...just a comment...map the TrackIR Z axis to absolute movement of head in the game...i.e., front and back and its awsome...almost fools u it being a 6dof pit.

WHISPR | Intel I7 5930K | Nvidia GTX980 4GB GDDR5 | 16GB DDR4 | Intel 730 series 512GB SSD | Thrustmaster WARTHOG | CH Pro Pedals | TrackIR4 pro |

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