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Flaming Cliffs 3 bugs.


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I was flying the SU-33 and I came across an object error I suppose. When the aircraft hits the deck well, just watch the track and see. ^_^ Carrier Bug.trk





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Why warning, trim and caution lights inside russiand aircrafts are in english?


I don´t understand why if i´m flying a Su-25, Su-27, Mig-29 or Su-33 with russian cokpits in the Ricardo´s new HD version this lights are in english.


Any way to change it into russian?.


I had found a file with the correct russian caution lights " knopki-lights " inside CockpitHDtextures (Bazar/World/Textures ) but it seems that the new cockpits don´t use it.


Could somebody help me about that?

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a few bugs I discovered after a few flight hours in the Eagle:


The weapon control system is a little messed up. It shows for example that an AIM-120 on the left is rdy to fire but if I press the release button the missile from the right is fired.


My fourth wingman is missing in the communications menu!!! :-(


very annoying: Sound loops. Yesterday there was an allied flight, reporting that it engages a hostile (Phantom)-Bandit, for about half an hour.


Isn't aerial refueling simulated yet? Have to say that I'm not the best in this exercise, but with the Hog I managed it several times...


Are AMRAAM's a little "weak" now? According to experience they are the most dangerous missiles in DCS. I read about that missiles and their capabilities had been reworked, but now I almost only get a kill in BVR with the AIM-7?!?!? (Which I almost never managed before...)


off topic: I hesitated some days before I finally bought FC3! And what can I say: DCS Modules are always worth the price, even in Beta state! I had the impression that it gives you a total new experience of air-air combat.

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I can't call it a bug, but the lack of a wheel brake axis is simply annoying!


It's the third version of Flaming Cliffs, and still people can't use their rudder pedals..


It shouldn't be a hard work for developers, how come it hasn't been done yet?


Please, Right and Left Wheel Brake Axis(and buttons :thumbup:)

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About the Aim-120s, they apparently are bugged currently. After launch they turn way too sharply and lose all their energy, rendering them rather useless at long ranges or against moving targets. Still do pretty good damage with up close, still unfair as fu*k against SUs that do not have R-77 in place... which is why I manually added them in to even out the playing field.

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Slip indicator reversed on F15


I noticed this evening that the slip indicator (the 'ball' beneath the attitude indicator) has reversed indications.


When you step on the rudder, the ball should move in the opposite direction. In FC3, it moves in the same direction as your yaw.



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minor find FC3 1.2.2


su33/ su27 / mig29 canopy animations are to fast, also su33 wing fold.


ok for the real su33 wing fold takes about 17 secs for the wings to fully close and open, ingame its much less?


created small fix for canopy animations

mod below


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still unfair as fu*k against SUs that do not have R-77 in place... which is why I manually added them in to even out the playing field.

Even out the playing field with R-77's on the Flanker, the F-15 has no ET, EOS or R-73 I think you've just handed the advantage to the Flanker.

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