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SU25-T23mm Gun Pods never stop shooting for Clients


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I got tracks! (Look at me, prepared and everything...)


SERVER track is what I saw in my A-10.


CLIENT track is what ISEGRIM saw in his SU25.


It's SICK ahahahah. :-D



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System specs:

2500k @ 4.6 GHz


HD7950 OC'd

Win7 x64


Posting tracks to make your DCS better - attention bump incoming!

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I can confirm this bug, we got the same on a 3 player multiplayer session, using gunpods on Su-25t. After the first shots clients see each other su25t planes with gunpod continously fireing.

That renders the game useless, framerate drops to 1-5 if looking into the direction of other client planes having gunpods.


- KGB -


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I have seen this in combined arms also, people in humvees can't stop shooting and must select another vehicle

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I doubt that.


This bug persists for months.

It is so obvious that even no need track in my opinion.


Last night, this client didn't know his gunpod was stuck. :)



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I was on that server, flying lead for you Devrim :) This has happened once before for me when a Su-25A got his gun pods stuck. That time it was only me and the other guy on the server (he was host). Also, the guns only got stuck on my side, not from his side even though he was the one firing.



There will always be bugs. If everything is a priority nothing is.

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I reported this as well over in AI thinking that it was just an AI problem but evidently not. As mentioned, all of the above things happened to everyone on the server- system wide. Had to find the AI aircraft and shoot him down- no small task at 1-3fps.


Why can't I give rep to goth's post??

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