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Constant crash to desk top!


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Hello, just installed FC3. Great sound and I candy but, when moving mouse in cockpit I found myself back at desktop with FC3 in suspension. I have to Alt Tab to get back to flying. Also have been kicked to desktop after selecting target, or performing various key functions. Can't assign brakes to Saitek combat pro rudder pedals.


I have updated all hardware drivers, I don't have these problems with BS or DCS-A10C. Some of my kick to desktop problems came after installing DCS world.


AMD Phenom IIx6 1100T 3.3

8 GB ram

Windows 7 64-bit

ATI Radeon HD 5800 12.10 Catalyst


Warthog Hotas

Saitek Combat Pro Rudder Pedals


I know it's an early release, my problem seems more DCS world than FC3?

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