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Kicked after loading Mission? Then read this...


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Are you getting kicked just after joining a server? Are you then asking if you were kicked by server admin? Not getting any answers because the server admin isnt actually there? Then PLEASE change you timeout config, which is the number 1 reason for getting kicked right after loading.


Here you go, follow these instructions (thanks to Jester_159th for the post about this I just found):




You need to change the timeout settings in the network config file.


Go to Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Config\Network folder.


In that folder you'll find a file called "Config." Change the settings for gameTimeout and idleTimeout to 600.


(not sure what the default timeout is set at, but its WAAAAY too small)




It could of course be that the Intraweb just momentariliy "broke" and lost some of your traffic.... just be amazed that you are playing on a server that you will never see, run by people you will never meet, in some country somewhere that maybe you will never get to visit.


We all take the internet for granted, but sometimes the supply of pixie dust and sticky tape runs out and things just "break" for the weirdest reasons :)



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