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DCS 1.2.4 Available


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  • ED Team

DCS 1.2.4 Available


Today we are happy to make available version 1.2.4 of DCS World and updates to several DCS modules.



Download installer files here: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.co...roduct&lang=en


- or -


Use Auto Updater. To force an auto update, from the Start menu, select Eagle Dynamics - DCS World - Update DCS world


In addition to many new features and fixes, 1.2.4 adds support to the new DCS: UH-1H Huey module.


New Features


• AI Fw-190D9 with multiple skins.

• Graphical User Interface. New skin panels.

• Graphical User Interface. New Module Manager.

• Flaming Cliffs 3. New Six Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) cockpits for the Su-25, Su-27 and A-10A.

• Flaming Cliffs 3. Added vertical adjustments to the Su-25 gunsight for bomb, rocket, and missiles delivery. This includes 10 steps down [RALT - H] and 10 steps up [RSHIFT - H].

• Combined Arms. The radar emission control added. Key . This allows players to operate SAM radars in radar-silent mode.

• Combined Arms. Generic automatic transmission.

• Combined Arms. Axis controls for ground units implemented.

• The Radio Menu F10 option now works in network games.

• New trigger actions: "radio item add for coalition", "radio item remove for coalition", "radio item add for group", and "radio item remove for group".

• New Mission Editor features:

-Initialization Script Added

-Trigger Action: AI TASK renamed to AI SET TASk

-Trigger Action: AI PUSH TASK added

-Trigger Action: Set Flag Value added

-Trigger Action: Set Internal Cargo added

-Group LUA condition and % chance of appearance added

• Numerous SSE changes and new features. http://en.wiki.eagle.ru/wiki/Main_Page


DCS World


• Some issues causing the network instability have been fixed.

• The missiles dynamic launch zone or fighters has been adjusted.

• The T-90 tank added in the Encyclopedia.

• Fixed some Mission Editor and GUI crashes.

• Il-76 damage model has been corrected.

• Tail numbers stencil shimmering for the Il-76 model is fixed.

• The standard Russian Air Force MiG-31 skin is fixed.

• In ME airfield info page now includes airfield ATC frequency.

• Fixed ME issue regarding statics.

• Mission debrief. Accounting of released weapons has been corrected.

• Rearming & Refueling Window. The chaff and flare fields can increase countermeasures amount.

• Resource Manager (RM) - Smoke generators being duplicated in RM airbase weapons window has been fixed.

• Resource Manager (RM) - Increased the maximum storage fuel limit to 5,000 tons for each airbase.

• AI A-10 will no longer shoot all Mavericks at a single target.

• Axis assignments will print to input .html file

• ME can't save file into mods folders has been fixed.

• Pilot skins added to the E-3A.

• The S-5 rocket warhead changed from HE to shaped-charge.

• Corrected valid firing azimuth for FSG "Molniya".

• New, more accurate, missile dynamics for the SA-19 Tunguska.

• Airfield marks are disappearing after pressing "Cancel" on "Coalitions" window has been fixed.

• Fixed when AI aircraft and vehicles set invisible = true, then set invisible = false, the ground AI vehicles still could not be detected.

• Fixed situation if player sets options to "pilot can control vehicle" and the mission doesn't have an aircraft, player can't control units.

• Fixed ME error when clicking a certain area in the track playback menu.

• F10 Radio item or add for coalition ALL has been removed.

• Fixed coalition helicopters unable to take off from aircraft carrier if "takeoff from ramp" condition is selected.

• Rearm and refuel menus have been removed. "Rearm & Refuel" command will now open Mission Resources Dialog.

• CG-60 Normandy will now attack Anti-Ship Missiles (ASM).

• Waypoint actions "Weapon hold" has been fixed.

• Helicopters sinking when they takeoff from an aircraft carrier has been fixed.

• Fixed S-300 launches not being shown in the de-brief.

• The COMM option status will now save in the mission.

• Fixed AI not always attacking targets during intercept task.

• Corrected ROE behavior issues.

• Fixed Tunguska tracking targets through buildings.

• Fixed server crashes, when one client fires an air-to-air missile and other client joins the game.

• Fixed F-16C Bl52d having old (Flanker) icon style on F10 view.

• Fixed incorrect aspect in record video in size 1280*720.

• ME. Some issues with copying, renaming and removing payloads has been fixed.

• Fixed helicopter AI ROE and threat reaction.

• Corrected air to Air ATGM delivery by AI Ka-50s.

• Fixed the inability to respawn if the aircraft flies into the ground.

• Fixed severe framerate drop when looking at destroyed civilian train.

• Fixed the OK button not working when a campaign is finished.

• Fixed crash when rocket collides with ground (fullscreen only).

• Adjusted framerate impact of smoke from burning aircraft.

• Fixed AWACS not performing stop task.

• Improved Sorbcija ECM pod model.

• Improved the ejection model for the A-10A/C and F-15C.

• Corrected scale of F-15C external fuel tanks.

• New skins for the Su-27 and Su-33.

• Improved sounds for several aircraft including the F-15C and Su-27.


DCS: A-10C Warthog


• LITENING TGP masking logic has been restored.

• Corrected MFCD start-up screen wrong color.

• Fixed AI wingman failing to engage target at Player SPI if AI is not aware/in range of target.

• Fixed LASTE Wind Edit data entry.

• Fixed Gun Minimum Range Cue Behavior.

• Fixed HUD Air speed indicator will TAS in GS mode.

• HSI course knob will now rotate the course pointer with or without power.

• Turn Rate Indicator has been calibrated.

• Fixed the CDU Wind Indication Direction being reversed.

• Several A-10 callsigns have been corrected.


DCS: P-51D Mustang


• Escort task added to the P-51D.

• Corrected incorrect fairing door animation.

• Fixed chassis damage after press RAlt+J on the ground.

• Fixed DXrenderer error in dsc.log with serial numbers and pilot textures.

• Fixed demo track 'takeoff-demo.trk'.

• Fixed error when in-game manual is selected.

• Fixed drop tanks of P-51D are not synchronized in Multiplayer.


Flaming Cliffs 3


• Added kneeboard input to flyable aircraft.

• MiG-29S TWS2 mode is now fixed.

• Added intro image to Su-33 "Sea Dragon" campaign.

• A-10A AOA Indexer now works.

• Corrected some minor issues with new 3D Su-27 model.

• Corrected wingmen maneuvers when turning.

• Fixed wingmen not turning off radar when commanded to do so.

• Fixed Su-27 campaign mission typos.

• Pilots models are now correct.

• Fixed F-15C Fuel Tank Pylon indication on MFD.

• Fixed tanker not filling external F-15C fuel tanks.

• Fixed Su-33 getting stuck near island on the Kuznetsov deck.

• Corrected MiG-29 HUD indications.


DCS: Combined Arms

• Replaced the old generic gun sight with a new one.

• Adjusted some generic HUD symbology.

• Fixed player controlled MLRS reloading troubles.

• Fixed units not resuming previous movement after player takes control.

• Fixed air defense units with HOLD FIRE ROE not going from ALARM STATE RED to ALARM STATE GREEN when commanded.

• Added option for Automatic Transmission in CA Special Options.

• Adjusted the drag factor of Russian AP tank shells.

• Fixed ability to set the Ready state of AI flights.

• Fixed ground unit control HUD compass missing from the wide displays.

• Fixed Alarm State Green for radars revealing radar targets.

• Adjusted M1A2 side armor.

• "F10" view. AI aircraft can now land based on ground force commander commands.

• Fixed night vision only being available off/on outside of binocular view.

• Fixed the Go To command.

• Fixed Chaparral issue of locking targets.

• Axis controls for ground units implemented.


DCS: Black Shark 2


• Corrected missing Ka-50 textures in the some missions.

• Fixed Ka-50 wingman calls "engaging enemy air defenses" while evading incoming missile.

• Fixed Ka-50 training missions showing in training section, as they are only available through the download link.

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  • ED Team

In order to release 1.2.4, and thereby DCS: UH-1H Huey, several bugs were knowingly released in this version. However, the team is hard at work at resolving this ASAP and we plan to have an auto-update fix coming soon. In fact, there are several fixes already implemented in our internal code, but we ran out of time to get them into the 1.2.4 installers.



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  • ED Team

DCS update is now available.


Please use the auto updater and Module Manager as primary tool for updates and module installation. Due to publishing complexities, we'll push updates to the auto-updater first. The installers will be day or two later.


• Fixed hit point of shells in multiplayer that were independent of turret rotation on the server-side.

• Disabled the incomplete "Ultra High" visibility setting.

• Implemented the waiting screen for the Module Manager.

• Corrected helicopter exhaust effect.

• Fixed damage value for AI aircraft.

• Corrected invisible warehouses.

• Helicopter takeoff from ships corrected.

• Adjusted shell aiming.

• Adjusted infantry weapon accuracy.

• AK-74 assault rifle rate of fire has been corrected.

• Fixed lock ability for non-air defense units.

• Fixed "Emission Control" for radar units.

• Adjusted delay between manual gear changes for CA units.

• Fixed delay after launch of IR-guided missiles.

• Repair after mast bumping is now available.

• Fixed GUI button size errors.

• Fixed synchronization of ground units in network play.



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  • ED Team

DCS update is now available


DCS update is now available.


Please use the auto updater and Module Manager as primary tool for updates and module installation. Due to publishing complexities, we'll push updates to the auto-updater first. The installers will be day or two later.


DCS World

  • Multiplayer: Fixed anti radar homing missiles exploding after launch if the mission was restarted by the server.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed AI pilots in the aircraft when client aircraft are activated by a trigger.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed "Show All Routes" button staying pressed when reconnected to server.
  • Multiplayer: Fixed differences between what the host and clients are seeing in regards to ground units.
  • Modules Manager: Fixed module removal option.
  • General: Fixed incorrectly oriented road outpost in old missions always heading north.
  • Sound: Fixed the Logitech USB Headset driver issue.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • Training updated for German, Spanish and Russian localizations.

DCS: UH-1H Huey

  • Improved stability in a hover and flight at speed by tuning the stabilizer bar model (inertia weight above the main rotor). Although easier to fly now, it is in fact more realistic.
  • A smoother entry into vortex ring state (VRS) is now included.
  • Corrected the installed angle of the slip ball tube.
  • Fixed first Russian mission in UN-Pilot campaign.

DCS: Combined Arms

  • Replaced the missing sounds of secondary machine-guns.
  • Fixed server not receiving information about switching off a unit's autopilot from a client.
  • Fixed T-80U firing AP shells in salvo after jumping to the tank on a public server.
  • Fixed cruise control for ground units.
  • Fixed ABS for ground units.
  • Fixed crash when assigning targets.

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Su-27: Fixed the opening of the canopy while in flight - canopy would stay open & attached.
  • Su-27: Cockpit ECM indication light is now fixed.
  • Su-27: Fixed flap button animation.
  • Su-27: Fixed the canopy glass crazing having a tiled look.

DCS: Black Shark 2

  • Improved the Black Shark 1 installation prerequisite check.

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  • ED Team

DCS update is now available RU


Выпущено обновление DCS World версии Оно доступно через систему автообновений и включает в себя следующие исправления:




+ Исправлена проблема самоуничтожения ПРР ракет.

+ Исправлена активация ИИ пилотов по триггеру на клиентских ЛА.

+ Исправлено залипание кнопки «Показать все Маршруты».

+ Исправлена синхронизация между сервером и клиентом для наземных юнитов.

+ Исправлена первая русская миссия в ООН кампании.




+ улучшена стабильность на висении и в полете

+ сглажен вход вертолета в режим "вихревого кольца НВ";

+ скорректирован угол установки колбы указателя скольжения (шарика).


Огневой Рубеж


+ Исправлено отсутствие звука второй пулемётной ленты.

+ Исправлена ошибка при которой сервер не получал информацию об отключении автопилота от клиента.

+ Т-80. Исправлена ошибка залповой стрельбы ББ снарядами при переходе игрока в танк на сервере.

+ Круиз-контроль для наземной техники.

+ Исправлена работа противозаклинивающего тормозного устройства для наземной техники.

+ Исправлен креш при назначении целей.




+ A-10C: обновлены тренировочные миссии для немецкой, испанской и русской версий.

+ Су-27: Исправлена ошибка с безотрывным фонарём в полёте.

+ Су-27: Индикация РЭБ исправлена.

+ Су-27: Исправлена анимация кнопки выпуска закрылок.

+ Су-27: Исправлена проблема с текстурами трещин стекла при взгляде назад.




+ Исправлена ошибка с направлением аванпоста в старых миссиях.

+ Исправлена проблема связанная с USB наушниками Logitech.

+ Исправлено удаление модулей через Менеджер Модулей.


Мы рекомендуем устанавливать новые модули игры используя Менеджер Модулей. Появление полных инсталляторов может запаздывать на день-два по техническим причинам.

Когда государство начинает убивать людей, оно всегда именует себя Родиной (C)

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  • ED Team

DCS update is now available


DCS World

  • Multiplayer. Icon and life bar of killed unit will now not disappear for client when icons are hidden.
  • Multiplayer. Fixed client crashes after a server un-pauses a mission.
  • Fixed situation in which sometimes a client doesn't get info about group placement.
  • Fixed client crash on mission restart while still loading a mission.
  • Added FW-190 as a static object.
  • FW-190. Engine exhaust heat blur has been removed.
  • Fixed missing sounds embedded in a mission file.
  • Module manager. Removed installed add-on's from the available modules tab.
  • The command menu problem has been fixed: some menus could not display their sub-menus.
  • Fixed the AI not being able to obey advanced waypoint attack restrictions.


DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • The A-10C Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) now shows radar contacts correctly in multiplayer.
  • The AGM-65E can no longer be used as a hack. We are prevented from making this weapon available to due to contractual agreements.


DCS: Combined Arms

  • Ground Commander can no longer move units that should be immobile during a mission (such as static SAM sites).


DCS: UH-1H Huey

  • Corrected missions for the United Nations campaign.


Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

  • A-10A. Cockpit pressure based on altitude is now implemented in the cockpit.
  • A-10A. Engine oil pressure indicators are now working.
  • A-10A. Working APU gauges were added.
  • A-10A. Ripple quantity and interval is now fixed.
  • A-10A. Incorrect time of day on the HUD is now fixed.
  • A-10A. Fixed right rudder pedal being jammed forward in the cockpit.
  • A-10A. Fixed the left yaw SAS switch moving when RWR makes a sound.
  • A-10A. Fixed engine temperature indicators.
  • A-10A. Fixed all circuit breakers tripped.
  • Su-33. Auto-thrust will now only engage after route/return/landing autopilot mode is engaged. Auto-thrust for the other aircraft was not realistic and thus removed.
  • Su-27/33. Flaperon control buttons are now animated.
  • Su-27/33. Flaps can now be commanded to be extended at any speed. However, they will be not extended until airspeed is lower than a certain value.
  • Su-27. Cockpit RWR nail lights were reversed. This is now fixed.
  • Su-27. Fixed remaining cannon ammunition counter.
  • F-15C. The infrared-guided missile threats will no longer be indicated on the TEWS.

Edited by Wags

Когда государство начинает убивать людей, оно всегда именует себя Родиной (C)

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  • ED Team

DCS ver. Update


DCS World

  • Adjusted the Module Manager such that, when logged in, the Module Manager will now display the user’s login-name.
  • Fixed radars in track mode not being visible on Radar Warning Receivers (RWR).
  • The search/acquisition mode for the S-300 tracking/engagement radar (Flap Lid) has been removed.
  • Fixed missing search radar indications for the SA-6, SA-11, and I-Hawk.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

  • Replaced corrupted voice over files (Russian voice-over in A-10C training).


DCS: Combined Arms

  • The full rearming after activating autopilot after a gunshot is fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect machine gun ammo displaying after switching on autopilot for a client.
  • Fixed binocular view when using a two-monitor configuration.

DCS: Black Shark 2

  • Spanish localization: Missing textures for Ka-50 in some missions has been fixed.

DCS: P-51D Mustang

  • Corrected in-cockpit sound glitches.
  • The mirror can now be closed after deploying with a mouse click.
  • ATC in radio menu is fixed for the P-51D.

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Corrected S-25 rockets remaining in payload after salvo launch.
  • Standby compass back lighting is now working.


DCS: UH-1H Huey

  • Increased UH-1H durability after a hard landing (lowered explosion threshold).
  • The spontaneous yaw "jerks" has been fixed.
  • Added the most recent version of Flight Manual.
  • Added functional ground crew to the FARP for a UH-1.

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