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Missing dcs a10c module serial


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I was trying to fly online yesterday and when logging in it would error out and say Invalid Serial.


So I went into single player and then module manager, I looked at all my serials and found that DCSA10C serial was missing, and under the addons tab, it had next to it Buy, instead of installed like all my other modules have.


I then went to the dcs website and logged in using the same user and pass as I use ingame and all my serials were present on the website.


However ingame dcs a10c serial is missing from the module manager and It wont allow me to play online.


It seems that my a10 serial has been disassociated with my account, even though dcs a10c is installed and i can fly the 10c in single player no problem.


So I did a repair install, but the serial was still missing, so I then uninstalled the sim completely and reinstalled and still the same problem.


I have purchased a10c, p51, fc3, bs2 and combined arms all from the same account and I cannot understand why this has happened.


It was working ok on 1.2.3, so the problem must of happened during either upgrade or maybe has something to do with the april payment problem? I dont know.


But whatever is happening, it seems that Ed's servers have disassociated my a10c key from my account, because all the other keys show up but the a10s doesnt when logging into the module manager and when in their is has BUY next to dcs a10c 1.2.4 download version.


Does anyone have any ideas whats happened ?









I tried reactivating dcs a10c again and it activates but still shows as no serial in the module manager and on the addons tab it has Buy next to dcs a10c, thus it wont allow me to go MP.




Should my missing dcs a10c module stop me from going online in multiplayer ?


As I have dcs world, blackshark 2, p51, combined arms and fc3.


could I not go online in MP with them or do you need a10c as a minimum to go online in MP, because with my missing a10c serial, I also cannot login to MP as I keep getting an Invalid Serial error.

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Similar Issue, although I reported it in the bug/activation thread...


My Post about same issue


Having just read this "http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1747361&postcount=3" I believe this needs to get fixed/addressed fairly quickly... please?


BumFire have you checked the DCS-World website's Serial Manager, as my A10 is showing there but as I bought it from Steam it doesn't show with the same details as my other modules, could be a Steam key issue?

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In module manager next to dcs a10c is the words buy, and in the other module manager page a10 is installed but no serial is there.


I can fly dcs a10c in single player no problem, it just wont let me go multi, as it says invalid serial when trying to login.


I think whats happened is my dcs a10 key has been disassociated with my account, because when you login it signs into eds servers and lists all your keys, so something has probably happened on their end ?


I never used steam to buy dcs a10c, all my purchases were done via the website and all my keys are visible on the dcs website.


I have made a ticket so we shall see how it goes.

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Organize product keys


There is a utility page that lets you transfer serial numbers between digitalcombatsimulator.com accounts, so if you have a module you don't fly, you could use that for your server (more details in this thread) or if you are selling it, so you can unbound it from your account and bount it to another.

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Yea, I did goto that page and also the myserials page but my a10c serial was missing from the myserials webpage.


For some unknown reason my a10 key transferred to a different username account.


Once found, unbind then activated again and now the key is home with all the other keys.


I tell ya, what a weird ass setup.

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