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Campaign Mission 13 Broken Trigger

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This mission has a broken trigger almost right off the bat. Once you have an airspeed in excess of 20 knots, a message triggers, instructing you to contact the UN HQ on UHF 240.00. According to the trigger in the mission editor, setting the UHF radio to 240.00, and not having activated Flag 5 -- which activates upon reaching the UN HQ -- should cause a radio message to play in which your character contacts the UN HQ. Currently, it does not. The initial trigger creating the message to set your radio to the right frequency does NOT create a radio menu item, and looking at the triggers, it is NOT necessary to send a radio message to activate the next trigger: what should happen is that you set the UHF radio to 240.00 and the next trigger activates. Again this isn't happening, which brings the mission to a screeching halt. The triggers all appear to be written correctly, it's just that the game isn't activating an early trigger even when the conditions are true. A DCS World bug, perhaps?

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