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Hi all,


I apologise for asking such a simple question but I'd simply like some advice & explanation of Teamspeak. I'm playing DCS multiplayer more and more now, and having to type in the message box when I want to say something to a wingman is a lot of hassel (and has resorted in me crashing when flying close formation).


As a result, I'd like to make use of my headset, and often see details about specific servers' teamspeak listed in their briefings. It is something I am interested in using, but am still unclear exactly how it works. I've googled it and been on the TS website, but it doesn't clarify much.


-Is it something you run on the website in the background or do you download an application for it?

-Is it free or paid? I've seen conflicting reports, some saying it's free if your server size isn't bigger than 16 players or something (please clarify this).

-Do you need a TS account or can you just join a TS server using the DCS server's IP and password?

-Is it CPU thirsty and have people noticed performance issues?

-Is TS the only option of live chat with other players or do some DCS servers have their own comms-chat?


Any feedback/answers are very welcome.


Kind regards,


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