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Generic Switch Panel


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Hi All


i've read a lost of pages of this forum but seems i didn't find what i'm looking for:


i've started to fly DCS just few weeks ago but i play with FSX from years, what i need for my "home cockpit" is a switch panel for planes with 1 to 4 motors, so with:


master battery, fuel pumps (1 to 4), lights, generators etc.....


actually i've some devis plus 2 old keyboards that i customized:




i'm not skilled enough to buy one myself so i'm searching something finish or with just the switches with the front panel to customize.


i know about saitek:




but is specific for small planes (magnetos, just 1 fuel pump etc..)


this one can be a good solution:




but somethins are missing (fuel pumps, gen, etc..)


also this:





but there's not so much space to customize the front panel..


Any suggestions?

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If it doesn't have to be switches, I can only recommend the P.I. Engineering X-Keys programmable keyboards. The software is easy to use and you can program even complex macros.




If you don't mind working with electronics, try searching ebay for switch-panels. There are numerous offers for car-tuning and boats. You just need a keyboard-matrix or similar chip (or a decomposed joystick) to make them work via USB.

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