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EFA multi pit


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Hey guys, I was blessed with 2 left hands so the craftsmanship is way off some of the stuff on here.


I have been working on a Eurofighter Typhoon Cockpit, like other I dont have access to any CNC / 3D printer. I love the Typhoon having been involved in the programme during Development, Flight Test, Instrumented Production Aircraft and the early integration into service. I am not an Enginner as you will see by my amateur (but useable cockpit).


The first issue I came across was the thyphoon square buttons, at leasw with round buttons you can use a drill! I have since come up with another dubious solution to this and I may post another panel later.


I really did this a bit back to front and so most of the build I was trying to solve issues I created by my build process (or lack of it!).


First I can up with a mock up:




I designed it on Sketch Up and based it around the buttons bein 150mm - yes that was the basis for my measurements.


I changed the Left Hand Glaresheild Lower (Manual Data Entry Panel or MDEP) to incorporate a 4" screen and took some artistic licence to incorporate buttons at the top, my idea was so it can be used for different sims, at the moment I am using it as the UFC on the A-10)


You can see there my first manual attempt at cutting square holes.


I did contact a member on here who thankfully cut the sketchup files for me and sent 5 very nice replicas of the above designs. My thinking being I could hide my work behind some well cut panels.


Im not naming him but thank you very much!


I wanted to show photos of these when they arrive but the wife deleted my camera!!


So the first panel I did was the MDEP:











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I made a little 4 way switch for the UFC - i dont know the EFA functionality so it was a way to add 4 buttons on the joystick board:


A bolt and 4 microswitches from a mouse.





Some plastic squares glued together with a rubber grommet:




Lots of superglue:




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I made 2 of these eventually and capped them with waterproof switch covers as you can see above.


The other is where the pot (as seen above) was, i realised after putting a pot there the GGG board would allow me to use it as an axis.


The mini 'joystick' switch I use for trim on the a-10

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Next I made the RHGS Upper panel.


The EFA buttons have little screens on them and are multiple choice, as I can do that I made the 'buttons' on power point and laminated them, each on can have 2 selections with the pinky multiplier. I labeled each action top and bottom for the two uses.


As mentioned until the EFA comes out I am using this for A-10 so the switches are for the LASTE, AHCP and some of the other buttons:








I know it isnt the tidies job but its OK for me!

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Here you can see the nice panels friendly form user cut for me sat on top of my boxes:




And more (the HUD)






I made a box for the screen:


It was going to stand like that on the desk, I dont have much room and I use the computer for other things so the plan was to have it all attached to this screen:






It didnt really work out as the desk sat two high and it was heavy so I made in into a trolley version on caster wheels:




Still needs painting but I wanted to play for a bit:


With Helios




And with A-10:


I messed up the little screen during production so will need to fix it, at the moment I use the middle screen as the CDU screen and input through the UFC:



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Need to finish the HUD and the LHGS lower needs the front door put on it.


I am also starting to consider making a proper Head up display.


The main issue with this is that you still need to look at the cockpit as there is no feedback as to switch positions, I am please with the MDEP (even though the screen broke).


The other I came up with after is I dont actually need square holes, with my switch solution (Laminates buttons superglued to tactile switches), I could have drilled holes the size of the tactile button and hid all beneath the 150mm laminate.


I have got a side panel in progress for the typhoon, at the moment its a beer table while I do a bit of flying!

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Very nice work! Well done! :thumbup:

Gigabyte GA-Z87-UD3H | i7 4470k @ 4.5 GHz | 16 GB DDR3 @ 2.133 Ghz | GTX 1080 | LG 55" @ 4K | Cougar 1000 W | Creative X-Fi Ti | TIR5 | CH HOTAS (with BU0836X-12 Bit) + Crosswind Pedals | Win10 64 HP | X-Keys Pro 20 & Pro 54 | 2x TM MFD

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