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Modded my X52, pleased


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I have bought the x52 set and pedals from someone for 100 euro include postal costs.


I had seen the magnet mod so I was betting it wouldn't be the worst stick to buy considering it came with pedals.

Included in my package I found some velcro strips with one glue side. So I have cut out a small corner of that and used it to stick a magnet next to the sensor.

On the bottom plastic case there was a residue of grease, I used that to grease the base centering plastic/metal.

I put some hard paper between stick and spring, that's it. All done.



A couple of minutes work and an amazing result. Thanks to the guys that came up with that.


Only thing I could use some profiles, but it's confusing what to use. DCS profile or the saitek profile.

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I still prefer Saitek-Profiles. Well, Driver-Profiles, that is.


I'm usually working with at least 2 layers to map most of the functions I need to my HOTAS. Mapping them in a logical way works best in 2 layers for me.


IMHO Saitek has the best basis for this, as you can switch profiles on the fly. I had one for the Shark, one for the A-10C and one for the F-15C. When joining a multiplayer-server, I could switch to the profile needed for the available aircraft.


I really miss this feature for the CH and Thrustmaster-Setups. They are completely reinitiated when switching profiles, which usually forces you to restart the simulation. :(

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