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31 May 2013 - DCS News Update


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31 May 2013 - DCS News Update


This past week saw the release of yet another update to DCS version 1.2.4. The advent of the auto-updater has now allowed us to release much more frequent, smaller patches to main versions (i.e. 1.2.2... 1.2.3... 1.2.4). We hope that you appreciate this as much as we do and not have to wait long period between updates. You can read about the most recent DCS version 1.2.4 update here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1771995&postcount=7


Over the past week, our team has primarily been focused on bug fixes with a focus on network play, artificial intelligence (AI), avionics, and air defense systems. Next week we will decide to push latest fixes to a new 1.2.4 update or wait for the move to 1.2.5.


In the meantime, our artist have been busy updating some of the outdated 3D models. For instance, I've attached images of the improved 3D models for several Russian-made air-to-air missiles that will be included with the DCS version 1.2.5 release.


Have a great weekend,








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