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Su-33 mission, attack ship, convoi and SAM site


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You must win airbase Geledznik.



Attack the tanker ship lying at bay in Novorossijsk.Then, mop up the SAM threat in and around Geledzhnik, but first deal with a approcahing tank platoon.


Return back to the Kuznetzov carrier upon completion.



1. This uses the Su-33 payload modfication by Shepski.

2. To use the Kh-41 missile you must swith to air-to-ground mode, then press I to activate radar, when you are on launch parameters you will get the launch authorization.



29-des-2005 by pappavis@hotmail.com

Su-33 mega aanval skip en SEAD.rar

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met vriendelijke groet,



"умный, спортсмен, комсомолетс"




[TABLE]SPECS: i9-9900K 32gigs RAM, Geforce 2070RTX, Creative XFi Fata1ity, TIR5, Valve Index & HP Reverb, HOTAS Warthog, Logitech G933 Headset, 10Tb storage.[/TABLE]

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what for it is necessary to fill fuel Су-33 up to edges(territories)? The maneuverability is not better than at F-14.


I felt the hate rise up in me kneel

down and clear the stone of leaves

I wonder out where you can see

inside my shell I wait and bleed

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