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21 June 2013 - DCS News Update


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21 June 2013 - DCS News Update


DCS Summer Sale is On!


The DCS Summer Sale is on and will be running to 30 June.


DCS: UH-1H Huey - $19.99

DCS: Combined Arms – $11.99

DCS: P-51D Mustang – $15.99

DCS: Black Shark 2 - $15.99

DCS: Black Shark 2 Upgrade – $11.99

DCS: A-10C Warthog – $15.99

DCS: A-10C Warthog (English DVD box) – $15.99

DCS: Black Shark (DVD box) – $15.99

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3 – $29.99

DCS: Black Shark – $7.99



Next Stop... DCS Version 1.2.5


After the release of DCS version 1.2.4, we released multiple updates using our automatic updater. We are now moving towards the next major update, version 1.2.5. Our primary focus will be on improving game performance, addressing game play issues, and setting the stage for further modules.


Key features planned for version 1.2.5 include:


DCS World

  • Improvements to the ATC system.
  • New Tu-22M3 model. Images attached.
  • Further improvements to game stability.
  • Correcting module installation issues.
  • Resource manager: Corrected logistic links.
  • Resource manager: The value, speed and periodicity have been adjusted. Default supply speed is now 60 km/h.
  • Anti-radiation missiles: Added proximity fuses and adjusted accuracy.
  • Visual detection of a target for AI units will now also be a function of time. The time of detection depends on target distance, aspect angle, and the presence of already detected targets nearby.
  • When a target is no longer visible, the AI aircraft will use the target’s last known position and velocity to search for it.
  • Added "STOP TRANSMISSION" trigger action.
  • AI behavior option "DISPERCE UNDER FIRE" now has new parameter - dispersion delay.
  • Added new AI behavior option - "RTB ON OUT OF AMMO".
  • Added more tooltips to the Mission Editor.
  • Message filter for Lock On aircraft: RShift+\.
  • Added several new constants (AI) and functions (trigger, Controller) in the Simulator Scripting Engine (SSE).
  • Detection of radars by RWR has been reworked to make player and AI systems equal.
  • The parking spaces for Anapa and Krymsk airbases have been corrected.
  • Su-25T: The gun funnel has been adjusted.
  • Added new Su-27 skins.
  • Several factors governing air to air missiles have been adjusted.
  • Updated airbase charts from http://www.10thGunfighters.de and http://www.ariescon.com
  • Fixed input deadlock.
  • M256 HEAT ballistics corrected.
  • Improved fire and smoke of aircraft fragments.
  • Improved material of flares.
  • Adjusted logbook data accounting. Especially in complex cases with multiple changes of aircrafts in one sortie.
  • Mission Editor: Added briefing picture dialog. If file contain inappropriate symbols in the name, GUI Error appears.
  • The broken input after exporting to HTML is fixed.


DCS: UH-1H Huey

  • Tuned the "mast bumping" effect. The rotor is now very hard to break off while on the ground.
  • The UH-1H manuals and readme have been updated.
  • Fixed UH-1H training files.
  • Sound samples path has been updated.


Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

  • Added advanced Flight Model (AFM) for the A-10A.
  • Su-25: Bombs falling short when using CCRP has been fixed.
  • Su-25: Turning ON the laser rangefinder no longer causes the targeting cross to jump outside the gunsight.
  • F-15: Crash or freeze in the F-15C when on the ramp when changing HUD Modes are fixed.
  • F-15: Negative airspeed values should now correctly display on the HUD airspeed tape.
  • The FC3 installation check has been fixed.
  • “Betty” voice warnings now use native language.
  • The cockpit view system has been adjusted. Looking behind the aircraft will no longer give an impossible view angle.
  • Remaining issues for some FC3 aircraft like CCRP, EOS, and F-15C landing issue will be addressed. Right now our staff is quite overloaded with other, higher priority items.
  • Performance of air-to-air missiles continues to be adjusted. The primary area we will now be tuning is the counter measure performance against air to air missiles.


DCS: Black Shark 2

  • Ka-50 EKRAN refactoring.

DCS: Combined Arms

  • Adjusted the machine gun sights for several vehicles.
  • Updated and New Units



The Next Eagle Dynamics DCS Modules


Later this year, we will offer:

A-10A: DCS Flaming Cliffs

Su-25: DCS Flaming Cliffs

F-15C: DCS Flaming Cliffs

Su-27: DCS Flaming Cliffs


These modules will feature:

1- Detailed 3D model (high polygon / high res textures)

2- 6 DOF cockpit

3- Advanced Flight Model (AFM)

4- Same level of cockpit system detail as the Lock On: Flaming Cliffs aircraft


We plan to release each at $19.99 USD.


We are releasing these modules for the following reasons:

1- It allows users access to these aircraft that do not own, or want to own, Lock On.

2- It allows users to buy just the aircraft they are interested in, without having to purchase the full Flaming Cliffs product.

3- It allows us to make these aircraft available to a much larger audience on Steam, Origin, GameFly and other digital retailers.


These updated FC3 aircraft will be made available for FREE to Flaming Cliffs 3 customers.


Other FC3 aircraft will be improved as well (like the Su-27, Su-25, F-15C and A-10A). When they are further along, we will discuss them.


We will develop a balance of lighter "DCS Flaming Cliffs" modules with more detailed/realistic "DCS" modules. The "DCS Flaming Cliffs" modules allow us to develop the more detailed "DCS" titles in a more iterative way. As such, we will continue to develop detailed simulation like A-10C. The next such "DCS" title will be F/A-18C.



Improved Visual Effects

We understand that some of the visual effects (particularly for weapons like cluster bombs) are causing a significant performance reduction for some. We are now in the process of adjusting the effects to work in the new Image Generator (IG) that we believe will alleviate this issue.


Speaking of new effects, we are working on new/improved wing tip vortices. I've attached a work in progress image.




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  • ED Team

Update - 22 June 2013


We have completed our internal discussion of the availability of the "upgraded" Flaming Cliffs aircraft and we have decided to make them available for free to Flaming Cliffs 3 customers. We believe that this will add a very high level of new content to the FC3, it will avoid duplicate aircraft types, and we hope it will broaden the appeal of FC3 to an even larger audience.


Did I mention that FC3 is currently on sale? :)

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