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No landing when setting mission


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Not sure if I am doing something wrong or whether it is a bug or limitation. If you check out the attached mission, there are two helis which are assigned a new mission task using lua.


The mission task is simply to land at an airport but they both fly over the waypoint where they should be landing. The first returns to the airport from which it took off and the second lands at the closest airport.


Although the second is landing, it is not a result of the mission - it flies over and then lands because it has finished its mission.


Any insight would be welcome!



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Sounds like the point at which you have them landing is still set as a "turning point." Make sure that it is set to "land" at the waypoint at the airport when you configure your "waypoint type."


I can't anything now as I'm at work- but it would be the first thing I'd check.


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