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Patriot Missle AI and Ships (?)


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Hello All -----


Recently I assembled a mission at Kutaisi where I added a Patriot missile battery which was functioning fine, as usual.


Then, I added two missile cruisers just off the coast, west of Kutaisi for air defense. After doing that, the AI in the Patriot went wild. After every mission start, the battery shot off a dozen missiles which detonated about 100 feet off the ground and the behavior was erratic.


Removing the cruisers returned the Patriots to normal operation. The cruisers were firing missiles correctly, BTW, during this. The cruisers were stationary.


Comments / help appreciated. Or is it just a known bug? :cry:


Thanks --- Bob :D

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Sim Box: Asus Maximus, Intel 4790 CPU @ 4.2 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX-790 + 5GB VRAM, Win7-64, 1 KW supply

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