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MiG29 MFD ugrade v1.5

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The MiG29 MFD upgrade now is compatible with FC 1.1 and 1.11, previous versions won't work with Flaming Cliffs.


It adds some extra lines on the MFD, for example a range ring for better range prediction of enemy radar contacts.



Here is the link:



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How "realistic" is this mode? Is this how the real MiG-29 MFD looks like?

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Quick question - is it possible to remove the grid from the MFD through a file mod?


Good question, as the real thing doesn't have a grid, at least not in nav mode.


But all this mod is is basically a bitmap, just like my "F-15 pimp pit in 1.01" (which I forgot to back up, but all the handles in the f-15 were pink, and the pilot wore purple, fluffy pants)

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