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Serious ! Maybe time to rethink your "Approved" policy


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... for uploaded mods:








When I 'just' change the "ReadMe" in a mod of mine, to make it more user-friendly Just to make sure that "they" don't mess it up....,

it takes sometimes several hours and up to some days ...so that this changes are 'approved'.

I have NO PROBLEM with it -

As I Know: 'good things need time'. -and I don't expect you to use something like win-merge to see in a fraction of a sec that I didn't changed 'core' files at all... good.


... and now compare this with the picture above...

THANKS! and so here it is:

..BTW : all what's 100% Red is added by me - and I did hide the up-loader name with black... - it is not his fault - It's yours !


And - yes, again!: - I would like also rather laugh about it ... but don't you think this picture is pretty serious (?!) ,...- imagine you have 12 signed third party developers with a released module - than just one... - so please don't come up wit a comment like this: 'it's BST - not ED'

Really: I don't want to annoy you - I just want to make you think.

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Maybe the test was to see if it gets approved :D


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Thanks for your input.


As to your intentions, you'd appear more sincere if you would resort to presenting your recommendations per PM instead of making a fuss every time you find a mistake.




Thread closed.

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