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Looking for non-centering thumb stick


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I'm building a basic panel for the SU-27 and would like to setup the target designator to a thumb stick as on the SU-27 stick


To do it right I need a thumb stick that doesn't return to centre when released. I've had a look around at available thumb stick modules but most seem to be replacement parts for broken console controllers and every single one returns to centre.


Does anyone know where to get a thumb stick that doesn't do this? I can't believe I'm the only one who's after this?


Any help is appreciated

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See if you can find an old radio control transmitter (the kind used for model airplanes and helis). Make sure at least one of the sticks is 2-axis, and with a little fiddling you should be able to hook the pots up to whatever board you're using. You'll probably have to remove the springs from one of both axes to eliminate the return to center, and it'll probably still be too large to fit into a stick grip, but it's probably your best bet before a complete DIY solution or shelling out the money for a specialty component.


EDIT: Something like this ...


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Thanks for the suggestion. The size issue you mentioned is a concern. I might be able to mod an normal thumb stick module to not return to centre, but there would be a good chance it would either not work right or break it altogether.


I have to wonder how the real SU-27 stick works...

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First you need know if the target designator in game accept input from analog axis?


If yes try modify one these PS2 stick:




They are a mini-joystick (2 analog axis, ~50k potentiometer) so work like this proposed R/C gimbal - but where small to fit into your Su-27 joystick top.


Disassemble one and remove the springs that provide the return to center.


Probable you need provide some friction to axis stay in the last position...


In the old Thrustmaster F-22 PRO, the thumbstick (nicknamed at time as "eraserhead") in throttle work with some pressure sensor called "transducer" (like some IBM notepad mouse control), but probable you cant hook one in ordinary USB controller.


Picture of one (from Tm F22 PRO) disassembled:




A military one - notice the multiple wires to hook:




Digikey - thumb controls list:





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