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Yaw SAS not coordinating turns properly


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Version: DCS World

Plane: A-10C


The yaw SAS is not coordinating turns properly.


To test, I trimmed the A-10 for a 1.1G turn. I took a screenshot capturing the HUD and turn coordinator with yaw SAS on and off. I then repeated this for a 2.1G turn.


1.1G yaw SAS on



1.1G yaw SAS off



2.1G yaw SAS on



2.1G yaw SAS off



If you open these images up in different tabs of your web browser and flip between them, you'll see that when yaw SAS is off, the turns are more coordinated. The ball is more centered and the flight path marker is closer to the center of the HUD.


Also, with yaw SAS on, the plane wanted to unbank itself, rolling out of the turn. So either yaw SAS is inputting rudder in the wrong direction, or the rudder input is switched and happening when it shouldn't (when yaw sas is off). When yaw SAS was off, the plane was quite stable, requiring no input to maintain its bank.

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Thats interesting. I know for a fact that the YAW SAS isn't meant to create perfectly coordinated turns, it just makes it a lot easier. It would be odd though if turning it off functioned better because the FM doesn't actually model the aircrafts un-coordinated un-assisted state correctly.


Maybe its like the Anti-Skid which never really functions properly, and if you don't want to overrun the runway sometimes you have to actually turn it off to get reasonable brake response.

Warning: Nothing I say is automatically correct, even if I think it is.

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Wow, was just discussing this with my flying buddy and found this. I haven't done the type of testing as iceman has, but I definitely noticed it doesn't appear to be properly modeled.



Computer Specs:

i7-6700K@4.00GHz, 32GB, 850 EVO 1TB, GTX 1080 Ti, Samsung Odyssey VR


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