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Tower view-padlock-zoom possible?

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Is tower view-padlock-zoom possible in DCS?

I want to do some aerobatics & want to re-watch how I'm doing from the airfield tower, with changing zoom, on the locked in view airplane....similar to FSX, is this possible?


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position Free Camera in the Tower, Point to the plane, press . on the numpad, and just use * and / or CTRL *, CTRL / to zoom in and out/ wide/short FoV.


It'd look something like this (except from the tower)

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You could also set up a regular object like an Armed Watchtower at the base, and use the F7 View from it to observe your aircraft.


Not sure, maybe F5 Near Aircraft will work from the F7 View... for a 'padlock'.


OTOH, put a regular aircraft at the base and use the F2 View with F5 to padlock your a/c.



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