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Zones: Cylindrical vs. Spherical -- Define ?

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Zones are defined as:

'cylinder' - cylindrical shaped zone extending to +/- infinity in altitude.

'sphere' - spherical zone.


A cylinder is easy to understand. What about the sphere?


I've used Dynamic Weather and know about the X-Y-Z coordinate system for the Georgia map. Where in the Georgia world can a spherical zone exist?


Can a spherical zone be free floating, i.e.: above or below the terrain level? Completely in the air, or completely below sea level for submarine detection?




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Like all scripting related stuff, it can be created anywhere you decide to create it. Note that spherical and other shapes are only available by the scripting engine. Cylinder is currently the one and only way a trigger zone is defined. The scripting engine does have a sphere search zone that can be used with world.searchObjects.


In this context the definition is grabbed from the Mist documentation, and with mist anytime you use a sphere for a flagFunc it defines the center point of the sphere as ground level, with the radius of the referenced zone.

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