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Haswell vs. Ivy Bridge

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Does anyone know if Intel's 4th generation "Haswell" processor line is any better performance-wise compared to their 3rd gen "Ivy Bridge" line for DCS performance?


For example, I was wondering if the Intel Ivy Bridge i5 4670K (6MB L3 cache, DMI: 5 GT/s, 22nm architecture) is any better than the Haswell i5-3570K at 3.4Ghz (6MB L3 cache, DMI: 5 GT/s, 22nm architecture)?


I heard from someone that Haswell is no better speed-wise, and I've also heard that it is much better. I'm wondering if I should get a Z87 mobo with the i5-4670K or whether I should get a i5-3570K with a z77 mobo. Honestly, I have looked long and hard for any different between the two processors, and the only thing I could find is that the i5-4670K is slightly larger, and has two extra instructions sets (AVX2 and FMA3) but that was about it.


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