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19 July 2013 - DCS News Update


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19 July 2013 - DCS News Update

For today's news update, I've gone pretty heavy on the pretty pictures. I've attached new images of:


1- DCS: Fw 190D-9 that includes updated cockpit art.


2- New images of the Su-33.


3- Textured images of the new MQ-9 "Reaper" model.


4- Updated images of the new Tu-22M3 "Backfire" along with a new Kh-22 model.


5- New images of the Nevada map. This past week we started rebuilding the Nevada map with the new map tools, but it is still early and very rough... a lot of tuning and tweaking to still be done. Thankfully, we are nearing the end of this long journey and it is on track to be released later this year (seriously). I'm sure many of you have lots of questions about the map and the technology behind it, but I'm afraid I have no answers for you at this time. I have no direct contact with the map team and no access to the map build. However, as the map nears release, I'm sure I will have more information to pass along.


The past week our team and the testers have continued debugging 1.2.5. and today we built the release build for final testing. If it passes testing, it should be released in the coming days. Given that it is so close, I have posted the updated change log for 1.2.5 below:


DCS World

• Anti-radiation missiles: Added proximity fuses and adjusted accuracy.

• Further improvements to game stability.

• Improved MS Sidewinder FFB2 joystick support.

• Corrected module installation issues.

• Resource manager: Corrected logistic links.

• Resource manager: The value, speed and periodicity have been adjusted. Default supply speed is now 60 km/h.

• Visual detection of a target for AI units will now also be a function of time. The time of detection depends on target distance, aspect angle, and the presence of already detected targets nearby.

• When a target is no longer visible, the AI aircraft will use the target’s last known position and velocity to search for it.

• Added "STOP TRANSMISSION" trigger action.

• AI behavior option "DISPERSE UNDER FIRE" now has new parameter - dispersion delay.

• Added new AI behavior option - "RTB ON OUT OF AMMO".

• Added more tooltips to the Mission Editor.

• Message filter for Lock On aircraft: RShift+\.

• Added several new constants (AI) and functions (trigger, Controller) in Simulator Scripting Engine (SSE).

• Detection of radars by RWR have been reworked to make player and AI systems equal.

• The parking spaces for Anapa and Krymsk airbases have been corrected.

• Su-25T: The gun funnel has been adjusted.

• The several air to air missile factors have been adjusted.

• Updated airbase charts by http://www.10thGunfighters.de and http://www.ariescon.com

• M256 HEAT ballistics corrected.

• Improved fire and smoke of aircraft fragments.

• Improved material of flares.

• Adjusted logbook data accounting. A specially of complex cases with multiple changes of aircrafts in one sortie.

• Mission Editor: Added briefing picture dialog. If file contain inappropriate symbols in the name, GUI Error appears.

• The broken input after exporting to HTML is fixed.

• Su-25T Quick Start mission trigger has been fixed.

• Mission Editor crashing after mission save in some circumstances has been fixed.

• Static objects will now be hidden when Fog of War is enabled.

• Crash after destruction of a firing MLRS Grad or Smerch is now fixed.

• SA-19 Tunguska will no longer engage the tactical air to surface weapons.

• Su-27 model. Sorbcya ECM pod navigation light position has been fixed.

• The armor of M6 Linebacker is now the same as the M2 Bradley.

• Added checkbox to save custom views in the OPTIONS - MISC page.

• IR signature of many aircraft have been corrected.

• Fixed issues with absent engine sound when the player leaves the aircraft via RAlt-J.

• Mission editor error, when trying to set client skill before placing unit on the map is fixed.

• M2 Bradley ammo has been adjusted. 70 HE and 230 AP, 900 12.7

• The issue with burning aircraft causes huge FPS loss due to smoke / fire has been fixed.

• All missions and campaigns for modules are now translated into Spanish.

• SEAD aircraft no longer strafe when out of ARMs.


DCS: UH-1H Huey

• Tuned the "mast bumping" effect. The rotor is now very hard to break off while on the ground.

• The UH-1H manuals and readme have been updated.

• Fixed and updated UH-1H training files (now download from the Training menu).

• Sound samples path has been updated.

• The ADF will now work correctly with near NDB at Krymsk.


Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3

• A-10A: Added AFM.

• A-10A: Ripple quantity and release interval has been fixed.

• Su-33: Added new “Heavy Sky” campaign.

• Su-27: Added new liveries.

• Su-27: Fixed some minor model errors.

• Su-27: ”Blockade” mission having briefing image in the wrong coalition has been fixed.

• Su-27: added missing textures for Russian Knights.

• Su-27: Sunglare on the HUD apearing when HUD should be in shadow is now fixed.

• Many fixes/adjustments to FC3 missions and campaings.

• Fragile Landing Gear has been fixed.

• Su-25: Bombs falling short when using CCRP has been fixed.

• Su-25: Turning ON the laser rangefinder no longer causes the targeting cross to jump outside the gunsight now.

• F-15: Crash or freeze when on the ramp when changing HUD Modes is fixed.

• F-15: Negative airspeed values are now correctly displayed on the HUD airspeed tape.

• The FC3 installation check has been fixed.

• “Betty” voice warnings now use native language.

• The cockpit view system has been adjusted. Looking behind the aircraft will no longer look at an impossible angle.


DCS: Combined Arms

• Adjusted the machine gun sights for several vehicles.

• Manual updated.

• Fixed issue where tanks with AP shell can't lock sea units.


DCS: Ka-50 Black Shark 2

• Corrupted Shkval image aspect is fixed.

























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