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I sent out the Rotor Head UH1 Mission yesterday and I have had a barrage of PM,s asking me to add more tasks and also some great feedback on small issues people found that I can easily fix to make it more solid.


Please hold off from playing it until I make the changes and add a couple more tasks if you want to enjoy the mission at its best.


Like I said I had a hoot making this mission and the outcome changes frequently as the UH1,s battle environment is dictated by how the AI fights against each other. Some times the Blue forces win and sometimes the RED forces get the upper hand. Yesterday when the RED forces got the upper hand I had a HIND chase me off the mortar team half way back to base. I decided I would try and take him on and turned on him with my mini guns blazing, Once I got his nose off me I chased him for about 10 miles hosing the shit out of him with the minnies until I eventually tore him apart. It was a hoot.


I cant wait for this thing to be multiplayer (2 pilots and 2 door gunners int he same bird)

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