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A-10C DCS World - Operation Save Badger Campaign - Day One


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Hello Guys,


I've just FRAPS'ed the Day One mission from the Operation Save Badger mini-campaign by mission designer Quirkitized. Originally I recorded this one a few weeks ago, but did a re-record as this version has a better ending. The Day One mission can be played as a single player with accompanying AI wingmen or as a two/three player multi-player mission. I chosen to fly the three player multi-player version with fellow squadron buddies - Panthro and BlackMajic who are along for the ride. The mission objective is a simple one - fly into enemy territory and destroy an inactive SA-10 site with the assistance of JTAC Badger who provides close target reconnaissance of the SA-10 site. This mission requires you to ramp start an A-10C, employ weapons and knowledge of how to input UTM co-ordinates in the CDU of the A-10C.


The target area is located in a small clearing inside a forest to the west of the town XXXXXX. (No spoilers! :)) Visible target discrimination is not clear until you get to within about 25-30 miles -- you know the old story, 'You can't see the forest for the trees,' or in this case you can't see the surveillance radar , tracking radar, command vehicle, associated troops and technicians for the native flora. It's a refreshing change to prosecute targets in forested areas instead of placing them in a field in plain view surround by miles and miles of nothing in all directions. Kudos Quirkitized. Enjoyed the hunt in the city to locate the approaching APC convoy. Quirkitized has placed sound triggers carefully which heighten the sense of impending drama as you slew the TGP, methodically searching for the approaching convoy. Your flight buddies are an added bonus, well the extra pairs of eyes in a TGP searching for that convoy are. It also helps that the town is small and not too many streets to hunt down. There is a surprise in the mission, an unexpected SA-18 IGLA hits our flight leader. I provide a visual inspection of the battle damage and we all hold lead's hands until he lands back at base.


I've flown all of Quirkitized missions in the Operation Save Badger mini-campaign and I was left with that annoying, empty feeling expecting the mission to have more targets to shoot at. Light bulb moment - there were more targets, the remaining AAA and SA-18's in the forest surrounding the SA-10 site, just not enough for my liking. Maybe an additional element to attack, but that is just me rambling.... I believe the level of player in this mission is geared towards a beginner and intermediate level of player. I need to clarify this by saying, I am by no means an 'expert' A-10C pilot. The necessity of more targets is a personal quirk (:)) and then I realised the genius of Quirkitized, that he use's one specific criteria to rate anything: A-10C missions, Rock concert set lists, ex-girlfriends - leave them wanting more. The mission is really designed for two players and the third player is along for comedic relief. In this flight, lead got shot with an IGLA and couldn't participate in the destruction, while still carrying a full load of weapons. The guys in the squadron will regularly 'blow the dust' off an A-10 mission and I see this one getting regular rotation on MP servers in the community again.


For a beginner/ intermediate level of player competency Rating: 8/10

For those who are not an 'expert' and wanted more targets Rating: 7/10


The video is a long one (I know) and I have broken down the action for those that are interested:


00mins 30secs Launch and Transit

13mins 40secs Fence check

17mins 48secs IP inbound

18mins 40secs SA-10 Activation

20mins 10secs Command vehicle down

21mins 10secs SA-10 Radar sets down

22mins 15secs Flight lead hit by SA-18

28mins 45secs SA-10 Launchers down

31mins 00secs CAS Badger

32mins 55secs 4 x BTR-80 column attack

37mins 00secs Egress AO

49mins 30secs Lead Jettison Stores

51mins 30secs Lead Visual inspection & damage check

53mins 50secs Divert to Sukhumi VHF AM 129.000

58mins 30secs Escort lead home

59mins 00secs Land and inspect damage

90mins 00secs Hi-fives, medals and beers


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