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x45 profile for FC3?

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I would recomend you to make a profile on your own. You'll like it much more than anything you might find. Not to say that in the process of making it you'll probably learn it.

Anyway here are some profiles I used to use with my old saitek x45. I used one for the F-15,another one for the su27/mig29 and another one for the su25T. But I don't remember even if they worked. Give them a try. Sorry the is no pictures with the keys and in all of them I use the mouse button as a shift button because my pinkie switch didn't work. Also I use just one mode(1 IIRC) but I was able to use everything barely having to use the keyboard.


There are profiles for the KA50, A10C and even for falcon BMS.Use it at your own risk :).

Saitek profiles.rar

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Thanks a lot for that Falcon. Seems i got a bigger problem first though. None of the DCS sims reconise all of he buttons on my x45?? For example it only reconises one of the POV switches?? Any ideas??

Cheers Chris.


PS Do you know of any good squadrans that are willing to take a total newbie under there wings??? lolol

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Do you mean assigning the buttons directly though DCS? With the profiles I uploaded I use the sst software so any button is sent as a keyboard key. This way in your profile you put the key for example 'G' for the landing gear, this way the sst software(I don't recall the name) send a 'G'. You can also assign the POV hats as buttons up to 8 though I use only 4.

You can also assign keys directly through DCS as DX inputs but the profiles I've uploaded won't have any use.

I recomend you to have a look at the saitek manuals to see different ways of doing this.


In reference to the virtual squadrons,there are lots of them, have a look in the multiplayer forum section, we should know your time zone so we can point you towards squadrons that fits you better.

Cheers Juan.

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