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su-25T formation flight ?


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If you're talking AI only- then just set up a flight with a single AI Su25T and then put a second flight of a single AI Su25T, go to advanced commands and add a "follow" command. Point to the first SU25T.


Then put in a third, and a fourth... and each one, add the follow command.


The follow command will give you an opportunity to put in different variables for orientations on X / Y / Z axis. I can't remember which is which now but a quick search should reveal- or just try them out yourself. You can then set them up in whatever formation you choose- though echelons are obviously the easiest.


As a general rule, however, you'll want to put all following the first aircraft at spacing intervals of about 150 feet minimum. Any less than that and they go into anti-collision mode and veer off a lot.


You might be able to get distances down a bit from that- but not by much.


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Create a flight of 4. On the first waypoint create a task and select Set Option>Formation.

Pick the formation you want and select "close". Once in mission the AI will use that formation until the formation gets changed or they go about their mission tasking.


You can use ENO's suggestion to create a custom formation.

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