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STEAM Workshop and DCS World

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Now that DCS is on Steam, I'm guessing its only a matter of time before people start creating stuff for it in the Steam workshop. It would be a great way to port over the mods that have been made for it already so they can be accessed easily from the Steam Workshop without having to go via the DCS website. It would also potentially do away with the need for mod managing software. No doubt Steam will open up the DCS community and with it bring it a proliferation of new maps, mods etc.


Have the developers started looking into this possibility?


Also, if Steam Workshop does integrate with DCS World, what about the people like myself who bought DCS before it found its way onto Steam? Without accessing it on Steam we'd have no way of using the Steam Workshop mods (if they materialise.)


With Steam being able to introduce mods via its Workshop system it would make sense to consolidate all versions of DCS onto Steam. At least, I think so.


Any thoughts on this?

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