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16 August 2013 - DCS News Update


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  • ED Team

The past week, most of the team has been occupied with:


1- FC3 bugs

2- Supporting UH-1H and Mi-8MTV2

3- Various system changes that span multiple modules

4- Rendering engine

5- Steam and Gamefly launch


A new update was released today (, but the only change is that it provides compatibility with the release of DCS World and modules on Gamefly.


In the near future we will be building the first 1.2.6 branch. For those that care to take part, this will be available as open beta in the near future. Later, 1.2.6 will feature the Mi-8MTV2 beta.


New Work in Progress video of wingtip vortices and engine smoke:


New A-10A: DCS Flaming Cliffs / Flaming Cliffs 3 video:

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