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Will BS Use Starforce?

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While don't know for certain,


I would imagine that the publisher would demand it. SF is very successful, and piracy in Russia is QUITE rampant ... and the publisher's main market IS Russia.


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As far I remember 1.2 is supposed to work as standalone product as well?

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no it's an add-on.


In which part of the world? ;)



Best guess - sold over here as an addon to any existing version of Lock On. i.e. it'll replace so many files it doesn't matter what version you had to start with.


Also available in Lock On Gold-type format in Russia, possibly over here but at the moment unlikely.

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I hope BS will use StarForce! More money for (less piracy) Eagle Dynamics, greater the chance we will get more add ons or even a new product alltogather!

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