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Black Shark look amazing!!!! Could we have a Hind sometime too ? :)


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I have to say I am amazed at what has been done thus far.


I guess I have a sort of a whish list:


Would it be be possible to have the Hind as some official addon? THat would be great!!!!


Also the F-16!!!


That is all,




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Why wait? :-)

The flight model's still very good even after 10 years! The graphics could be a lot worse *and* you get a sim with infantry as well. What more could a man ask for? :-)


The only thing I had to do to get it running in XP was select w95 compatibility in the .exe properties.


Andrew McP... currently in Digital Integration retro-worship mode. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the after effects of my Tornado movie wear off... in about six months. ;-)

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Andrew do you play Tornado too ? Or just Hind ?


I mainly fly Hind (because of the great flight model), and read the Tornado manual. :-)


Tornado missions can still be enjoyable though. From the front seat the graphics and flight modelling are too poor to be enjoyable now. But from the *back* seat you can fly whole missions while managing the autopilot and offensive/defensive systems without too many ugly distractions. 3 MFD screens give you plenty of information to create a virtual world inside your head.


I'd better shut up now, I've dragged the poor guy's thread far enough off topic already! :-)


Andrew McP

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grab operation flashpoint, and you can fly until you get sick of it (but in a month you'll play it again). And some occasional guirella tactic, shoot down a pesky Cobra, or a Hog with a Strela, and beat the crap out of the pilot (lol, han, just shoot him and grab his gun).


Any news on Armed Assault?

Creedence Clearwater Revival:worthy:

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