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mi-8+Huey co-op mission.

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x4 -UH-1H

x4- MI-8


soft targets +small light armor.


F10- for bulleyes.


ramp start


A group is vehicles moving down the road just ahead of you toward the small village. Another stationary group is set up just on the other side of village and is marked with Orange smoke.


*Credit to Belsimtek for some grp names and breifing text :P

*Editer : Darksider


thought it was fun. Cheers :)

UH-1+ MI8-CO-OP .miz

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DCSW wishlist : multi-crew :D

GTX480, i52400, 8GB, Samsung EVO 840 250G SSD, Raid 0 2TB =~45 FPS [Maxed]



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