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Mission "Good Evening" - Springfield is broken.


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Attempted Mission "Good Evening" with issues. Considered unplayable.


The helicopter AI behavior really needs work. They flew within an envelope in which you would be toasting the engines. I had to run my exhaust gas temperatures continuously at about 700°C and roughly 90 to 95 knots to keep up with my leader (Springfield 1) which is only permitted in reality for 5 seconds. I was also on max power since I was on the verge of drooping the rotor speed if I pulled any more collective. He was also continuously going in circles around the airport. I heard communication from all the other guys, colt, ford etc and we were just stuck going in circles for about 10 minutes. I finally decided to steer away from my leader in which it promptly informed me that I failed the mission.... Bit frustrating here. Mission considered unplayable. Please fix the routing and triggers for Springfield 1. Also please set a much slower obtainable cruise speed for Springfield 1. If not, lower the weight, starting fuel, or weapon loadout to make for more practical loading. Something around 70 knots would be realistic for a heavy and draggy helicopter. Please also try to make the AI helicopters do a realistic takeoff where they accelerate to speed in ground effect before climbing out. It seems the AI likes to do vertical climbs, and they are definitely redlining the engine in the process. Then they accelerate out and expect you to follow, forcing you to redline the engine as well and failing the mission if you choose not to.

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