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If you guys are not using them.


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Hey guys,


I am user of FSX and XPX and finally landed on Black Shark , I thought of trying this out.


First if anyone is not using Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround and can afford a second display then please get it, it is worth it. I am using two 20" Acer LED's. Of course my GPU is not strong enough hence i am using mid-settings in DCS but do not notice any difference.


Second I am using Facetracknoir (and of course most of you may already be using TrackIR or freetrack or this ) and it is perfectly setup so if any of you guys need my facetracknoir setup ini then please let me know I shall post it. You still may need to tweak it.


What I found when using Factracknoir is not to keep too much of light on the face, and keep the camera facing up.

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Attitude Power Trim Power Attitude Trim


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