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VHF FM 1st frq knob bug


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this is how to reproduce


radio assist : off

easy communication : off

mission : shooting gallery (or else)


from the manual : This radio operates like Radio 1, but is assigned the VHF FM radio frequency range. The VHF/FM operates between 30.000 and 76.000 MHz. If the radio is tuned to a frequency outside the valid range, a warning tone will be heard.


but plz try this procedure yourself


turn 1st FM frequency knob from default 3 > left click 15(beep! : no problem) > 3(still beep! at 30Mhz : bug)

but when you try again like this 3 > right click 4 > 3 (no beep! at 30Mhz : normal)


and also, JTAC never works in this mission...


whole radio system of dcs a-10c pretty messed up in 1.2.6 and seems not a minor bug

(with AM radio 150Mhz warning tone issue, JTAC and Air to Air Refueling rarely work properly...etc.)


plz fix this or at least give me a workaround


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