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Pre-Flight Features.


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Currently I don't believe the aircraft center of gravity shown during the weapon and fuel setup before a mission. Showing the CG limits which I believe can vary depending on the gross weight would more realistically allow the player to appropriately load the aircraft and confidently know that he is within limits.


Also having the information to load the aircraft appropriately with the correct quantity of fuel for the mission is normally the job of the pilot. Range and Cruise charts with fuel burn could be provided as a button in the brief screen. This could also be the same place where the pilot can check that his loading is within the center of gravity limits. Right now either you have to pull open a flight manual or you just "wing it". Having these features easily accessible to the pilot during the brief portion would be awesome and immersive.


A more thorough weather briefing wouldn't be bad either, especially with dynamic weather, including recommendations for use of de-ice anti-ice system and avoidance of storms. Are microbursts and wind shear currently being modeled?

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Here in Brazil I take the "Agulhas Negras" group always do it breafing before missions, and weapons and fuel are always respected thought before the needs and limits of the aircraft.

Also use a flight plan written manual for assistance during the mission.

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