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Matt's A10C pit


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Hi All,

I'm a relative newbie to DCS A10C and I just discovered this forum.

I thought I'd join in with some pictures of my 'pit.


I managed to get hold of three old 55" NEC monitors from a job, which I couldn't resell (even on Ebay!) so I thought I'd put them to good use. The very wide field of view works well and makes me feel quite sick during violent manuvers (which is a good thing!).

The monitors are connected through a Matrox THTG. I need a new graphics card so I can run them at full 1920 resolution.


The cockpit framework is made from Rexroth Framing which I get from KJN


I have not seen anyone else on this forum using it and I recommend it as it makes building a modular, expandable 'pit very easy and lightweight. I've built hinges in so the thing folds away when I need to use the space.


My aim is to sacrifice realism for functionality at the moment. I just want to fly without resorting to hacking three finger commands on the keyboard. I'm using a Hagstrom KE-USB108 for the buttons/switches and with the addition of two Thrustmaster MFCDs I now have plenty of spare inputs for additional switch panels.


Next job is to build a working UFC panel so I can set the weapon parameters.


Cheers All,

I look forward to seeing your progress and using some of the excellent resources on this forum.






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Looks cool :thumbup:


But I can see one possible ergonomic issue - the instrument panel seems to me too far from your seat. Can you reach it without leaning forward?

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Thanks Suchacz,

Yes. I kept the slide rails on the seat. (from a Renault Scenic) Once I'm in I can slide the seat forward and also adjust it up and down. (I need to set the height before I start the simulation because I have put a micro-switch on the seat height adjust lever and it triggers the eject when I pull it..)


Using the Rexroth framing the position of everything is adjustable. I can loosen the fixings (M4 Hex bolts) and slide everything in the slots on the aluminium extrusion until it's in the right place.



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I sold my MFCD's to get a touchscreen. I hated the three finger commands as well.


I used PVC with screwed joints for my frame. it's upgradable but I like your frame more.

Here's mine. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=109693

Asus ROG C6H | AMD Ryzen 3600 @ 4.2Ghz | Gigabyte Aorus Waterforce WB 1080ti | 32Gb Crucial DDR4/3600 | 2Tb Intel NVMe drive | Samsung Odyssey+ VR | Thrustmaster Warthog | Saitek pedals | Custom geothermal cooling loop with a homemade 40' copper heat exchanger 35' in the ground

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Very nice pit, are you putting a display behind the MFCD's? I guess the onscreen ones will be life size, or bigger, but it helps when inputting data.


Anyway lovely man cave. :)


Interesting question. What I'm doing is adding cockpit functionality as my flying skill improves - for instance I had to add rudder pedals as I couldn't nose-wheel steer or do crosswind landings without.

Question is, what are the functions to add to a cockpit in order of importance?

Should I build a CDU keypad next or UFC? (UFC is MUCH easier).

My list would go: ( * marks what I have so far)


Rudder pedals*

MFCD buttons*

Landing Gear*

Armament panel*


Electrical Power/Canopy(*in progress)



Radio/ILS/TACAN - difficult because of the rotarys



Plus always a Track IR and cheat panel for snap views etc to make up for the deficiencies of the simulated view.

What do you think? Its difficult to work this out from scratch as my flying skills (25 Hours) are not yet developed enough to make a call -I'm still doing basic maneuvering/nav and have not really progressed to proper use of weapons and avionics.



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looks great looks solid and very functional.


What is it like without a slope on the MIP?


Its fine. As the whole instrument panel is not tall there's no disadvantage. Once I get to screens behind the MFCD's and simulated instruments (2014/15?) then I'll start to look closer at the ergonomics and realism. As I said in my reply to scarecrow above, there's much more functionality that needs to be built in first.

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The Up Front Controller is finished and working.

Have a look at

I used grey keyboard switches (part#102-311) and Tyco rocker switches, (part#710-9264)from RS.

I used these switches because a) they are about the right size and function and b) they are cheap!

Its all mounted on stripboard and fixed to a 2mm aluminium panel.

I used letraset for the lettering and gave the whole thing a few coats of matt laquer to improve the durability (especially of the keytops).



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